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During the many lectures that I give, I mention a range of website addresses that will help in the development of your site.

It is difficult for you to take in all that I say in one go, so the list below will assist you in developing and profiting from your website.

If your looking for sotware that will assist in search engine placings then click here

Perhaps you're looking for enhancements to your website. click here

Simply make your site sell .... with MYSS click here

If your looking for tools that assist in the maintenance of your site and graphics click here

If looking for email addresses and help with autoresponders click here

If you're in need of advertising click here

Looking for a domain name click here

Websites owned by David Frieslander click here

You've just got to set up an affiliate partnership if you want others to sell your products or services so click here

Advertising An excellent source for building up an optin list, banner exchange and many other useful facilities. Some must be paid for. An amazing free marketing tool. A community instantly drawing traffic to your site.
Publishing on the net  
WS_FTP This is the program that I use to transfer my websites to the web
Beat the Search engines here  

Webposition Version 4.
Find out more and download a free trial version

Well worth the purchase. This software will tell you how you rank in the search engines and what you can do about it. EXPLOIT is an excellent program that will sumbit your site and others to the search engines as often as you like
Guerrilla Marketing for the New Millennium The ground-breaking new marketing course by Jay Conrad Levinson. Learn to think and market like a guerrilla and crush your competitors. Another word analysis tracker resource.
Wordtracker is great for chekcing on the most searched for words, a very valuable resource This program simplifies the process of submitting to all the search engines. Some search engines will penalise this submission programme. Incredible Value for money.
Search Engine News I've subscribed to search engine news for years now. It's my life line and one stop resource for everyhting I need to know to get top rankings in the search engines.
Enhancements to your site A site with much free software, such as gif editors, guestbooks, web trackers, banner creators and much more. Most of it is free.

Try it and speak to Netcall to how it works right NOW!
Email me if your interested in this incredible idea. Your customers click the button opposite and enter their phone number. The telephone rings and hey presto, your on the end of the phone.
Ways to make your site sell  
The Ask Database is clever, very clever, checking on what your visitors to the site really think, want and can't find. Click here to see how it will increase your sales
Cyberwave Jonathan Mizel is not just a nice guy, he's got a unique style and flair to helping you get the best possible return on your web site. Jonathan sends out a unique newsletter containing some of the best advice on the net. I first met Jonathan at Wembley in London when we both spoke in front of over 1,000 delegates. I like his ideas and his style. I know you'll like him and what he has to say too.
1,001 Killer Internet Marketing Tactics This Internet marketing course is almost as good as the 7PIMs manual! Written Mark Joyner. Widely regarded by many in the world as one of the most effective Internet marketing course on the market.
Swiss Army App for Webmasters This all-inclusive webmaster productivity tool continues to sell extremely well. Called by some "a must have tool for promoting your site".
Hypnotic Writing The latest in our growing line of marketing courses. This course, by Joe Vitale (recognized by many as the best copywriter in the U.S.), shows you how to use "hypnotic" tricks in your writing to get people to more easily agree with you. A must for anyone who wants to write persuasively.
MYSS Ken Envoy is the acknowledged master on how to make your site sell
Maintenance on your site and graphics  
Domain names This would be the place to visit if you want to check out available domain names
Assistance with that email!
Check out this store for software that provides ways to find useful data
Websites owned by David Frieslander The design arm of my business Was the home i2iuk and palm pilots recently sold out in March 2003 My themed catering business. Jacobean Banquets, Murder Mysteries, Tank Driving, go karting, paint ball and much much more. Recently sold out in February 2003
Affiliate Partnerships!
There is no question that affiliate partnerships make sense, but getting the right partners means telling those that understand the concept about your scheme. I used a service called Affiliate Announce. The best 49 I ever spent!
Affiliate Program that works for you! One of the easiest ways to make more money on the net is to encourage affilliates. You'll pay them a commission on sales, but hey who cares!

The Revolutionary New Way to Generate Revenue on the Internet
Offer other companies' products from your Web Site with NO inventory, NO order processing and NO customer service headaches...

Discover The Internet Marketing Breakthrough Called Affiliate Programs
Now, for the first time, you can learn how to make money quickly and easily using tested, proven methods of Internet, affiliate marketing to jump start your sales. Increase Your Internet Profits Quickly and Easily With Affiliate Programs Imagine generating money with little effort or risk. When you discover the power of affiliate programs, you will understand why the old rules of business no longer apply. Click here to get the inside information on Winning the Affiliate Game.

Affiliate Assistant This tool was hailed by Allan Gardyne of as "the most important tool ever developed for affiliates". This tool allows you to organize all of your affiliate program efforts and analyze your affiliate program advertising campaigns.
Killer Copy Tactics A fully interactive multimeida course by David Garfinkel, the man many call "The World's Greatest Copywriting Coach". David will show you "how to turn words into cash" in this groundbreaking tour-de-force. This course sets the bar for what Internet based learning should be.
Where to search A good all round search engine. One of my favourites representing around 35% of all searches on the net The largest search engine on the net, a little biased to the american market
Counters and stats packages A very comprehensive site analysis programme.

Profitable Internet Marketing

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